Free agency hasn't ruined sports

EVER HEAR OF A ZOMBIE LIE? It's a falsehood that just won't die, no matter what evidence is brought to disprove it, such as the claim that President Obama wasn't born in the United States. The worst thing about the whole Albert Pujols contract foofaraw is that it
has resurrected the ultimate sports zombie lie: Free agency has destroyed player loyalty. Some version of this notion runs through a broad spectrum of our chatter, from blaming LeBron for the South Beach spectacle to judging former MLBPA boss Marvin Miller's Hall of Fame candidacy to choosing sides in the upcoming NFL and NBA labor wars.

Well, now's the time to break out your ax, chain saw, Egyptian obelisk or whatever other zombie-killing equipment you've got lying around the house. We're about to crush this demon once and for all.