Tigers already ahead of schedule

That sound you hear around baseball is the great
settling. In nearly every city in the land, the
euphoria and despair of Opening Day success and
disaster have already been tempered by an equal and
opposite reaction. We are just now crossing the
half-way point of the first week of the season and all
but four teams have both won and lost a game. Last
year at this time, there were still 13 teams that had
either lost or won all their games.

One of the four exceptions is Detroit, a team that
waited three weeks to win its third game last year but
which now finds itself at 3-0 headed into their home
opener today. The only other teams not to have both
won and lost so far are Toronto (Detroit's foil),
Seattle and Anaheim. Those last two have only met
twice, so by the end of the day, we could be looking
at no teams with a zero in their records.

Does this mean we are headed for a season of record
parity? Is this going to be 2000 revisited? (That was
the year that no team played worse than .400 or better
than .600 -- the one and only time that has happened in
baseball history.) Here are the number of teams that
had either won or lost all their games to this point
in the season over the past five years: