Kenny Mayne Mailbag

Updated: October 22, 2002, 7:22 AM ET
Q: Do you think the NFL should change the overtime format? Sometimes I just know whatever team wins the coin flip will win the game on the first drive, and in those situations, to have the game determined by a coin-flip just isn't right. If the NFL instituted a rule like first team to 6 points in overtime wins, that, in my opinion would make overtime more exciting and fair. What do you think? --- Sam Rosin, Arlington, Mass.

KENNY: I think teams should receive 100 points for a touchdown in overtime. This would create lopsided scores and induce coaches to try to win on regulation so as to avoid being involved in a blowout loss. (10/22/02)

Q: Do you, as a former (maybe current for all I know) athlete, find the antics of today's athletes idiotic? I can't stand watching a guy who gets paid a million dollars a year to play a game that I wish I could play one tenth as well as he does, jump up and down and gyrate around like he just saved a life or something when all he really did was make a tackle, after a four-yard gain, when that's what he is paid to do. --- Garth Porter, Fairfax, Va.