How high should the
TEs be ranked?

Mel Kiper Jr. answers about the top tight ends, the Patriots' needs and more NFL draft questions.

Updated: March 28, 2002, 6:00 PM ET
By Mel Kiper Jr.
MAILBAG: March 28

Q: I see you have Jeremy Shockey and Daniel Graham rated 10th and 11th on the Big Board. Isn't that unusually high for the tight end position? -- Steven Hendricks, San Diego, Calif.
I don't worry about ratings in terms of a player's position. I just grade players. I can't say, "I can't put a high grade on this player because he is a tight end." I grade players based on how well he plays his position and whether or not he is better than the players from past years. For instance, if there were a kicker I really liked, I would give him a high grade.

Mel Kiper Jr.

Football analyst
Mel Kiper has served as an NFL draft analyst for ESPN since 1984. He is a regular contributor on SportsCenter and ESPN Radio and writes weekly for ESPN Insider.