NFC: How 'bout them 'Boys?

Updated: May 14, 2002, 10:38 AM ET
Here's how I graded each NFC team in the 2002 NFL draft (teams are organized by division):

Dallas Cowboys
As Jimmy Johnson would say, "How 'bout them Cowboys?" I was highly critical of them last year for the selections of QB Quincy Carter and S Tony Dixon, but this year it all came together for Jerry Jones and company. S Roy Williams was arguably the best defensive player in the country last season. He is a great impact player, an intimidator. It will be interesting to see him and Darren Woodson on the field at the same time. Andre Gurode is a combination guard/center with a wide base who could be a starter at each position. For value and talent, WR Antonio Bryant is the best pick of any position in the draft. Despite his 4.6 clocking in the 40, he has a ton of ability. He should come in ready to prove his doubters wrong. Former Cowboy great Michael Irvin was similar in a lot of ways to Bryant. CB Derek Ross, if focused, would be a good third-round pick. FB Jamar Martin is a Sam Gash/Lorenzo Neal-like blocker with good hands. DB Pete Hunter could have been a fourth-rounder, so he is not a bad fifth-round pick. OT Tyson Hunter and TE Bob Slowikowski have a chance as backups. WR Deveren Johnson has good size, but is he fast enough to make the jump from a lower level of competition at Sacred Heart?
Grade: A

New York Giants
The Giants traded up to guarantee a shot at TE Jeremy Shockey. Remember when they once chose Ike Hilliard over Tony Gonzalez? The Giants needed a tight end in the worst way and haven't had a big-time pass catcher since Mark Bavaro. Now they do with Shockey. WR Tim Carter helped himself at the Senior Bowl practices. But remember, at the beginning of the year, I had Carter as a fifth- or sixth-round pick. He would have been better as a third-rounder rather than a second. I would have taken Antonio Bryant over Carter. OT Jeff Hatch made sense in the third round. LB Nick Griesen could be the long snapper and a backup linebacker. LB Wesly Mallard should help on special teams as a cover guy. WR Daryl Jones has a chance to make the team because he was a decent player at Miami. He also has prior experience as a punt and kick returner. LB Quincy Monk was around the ball a lot at North Carolina and flashed NFL ability at times.
Grade: B-