Ford Mailbag: Will the Grizz draft Skita?

Updated: June 13, 2002, 10:14 AM ET
By Chad Ford
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Q: Great scoop on the Warriors and Grizzlies flying to Italy to check out Tskitishivili. Do you think he has a realistic chance to go that high? Doesn't Phoenix seem like a more realistic destination? -- Durell, Mesa, Ariz.

FORD: If Mike Dunleavy pulls out of the draft, I think there's a great chance that he doesn't slip past the Grizzlies at No. 4. The Warriors took a long look at Gasol last year and could use a talent like Skita. The word in Chicago was that they'll take Dunleavy if he's in the draft and Drew Gooden if he's not. However, something has possessed GM Gary St. Jean to head to Italy. I think it would be a great pick for the Warriors. As far as the Grizzlies are concerned, most of the basketball staff is behind Skita. The biggest stumbling block is that Jerry West hasn't seen him play in person. If he ends up making the trip to Italy, you can pretty much bank on them going with Skita. The Cavs are also interested in Skita. I don't think he's around when the Suns pick at No. 9.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer