Is Randy Johnson the best
"After Age 30 Pitcher" ever?

Updated: June 24, 2002, 2:17 PM ET
By by Jim Henzler, STATS. Inc.
Randy Johnson has been so good for so long that we may have forgotten how inconsistent he was during the early stages of his career. Johnson is the classic story of a hard thrower who developed into an ace pitcher.

True, Johnson always boasted the upper-90s fastball. But he often had trouble harnessing his blazing stuff. Through his first five seasons in the big leagues, Johnson was little more than a .500 pitcher. In fact, he entered the 1993 campaign with a career record of 49-48. But that was the year the light seemed to click on, and Johnson turned the corner.

That also happened to be the season Johnson turned 30 years of age. He did so on September 10, 1993. And checking his numbers before and after that date is like looking at two different pitchers.