How many wins can Jay Williams
bring the Bulls?

Updated: July 24, 2002, 1:50 PM ET
By by Sam Lubeck, STATS. Inc.
A mere four years ago, Chicago Bulls fans around the world watched an era come to an end, as a future Wizard retired again, a future Lakers coach went off into the sunset and a future nightclub owner went off to get to know the local police force. In recent years, the Bulls have been the league's doormat, winning just 66 games over their last four campaigns. However, in 2002 an air of excitement is coming over the Second City, as visions of a glorious future are piercing through the clouds. The rays of hope are appearing thanks to the drafting of another talented ACC guard, Jay Williams.

But how much impact can Williams, or any top draft pick, have in his first year? For a realistic assessment, let's look at the top three overall draft picks of the last 20 NBA drafts and view their impact on their given team's won-lost record in their first pro season.