NBA Power Outage: Pacers feature six-shooter attack

Updated: December 11, 2002, 11:48 AM ET
By By Terry Brown
You know as much as I know as much as anyone knows about the Indiana Pacers.

They can shoot. All of them. They can score. All of them. In a traditional 5 on 5 NBA game with three referees, official score keeper, assorted statisticians and peanut vendors, it seems, as though, they've got six, sometimes even seven players on the floor at any given moment.

Six Pacers average double-digits in scoring and there would be another one with only one more free throw a game if their point guard wasn't so busy leading them in assists at 8.1, which still doesn't include their pet project Jonathan Bender or high-priced forward Austin Croshere, who is injured or ought to be.