NFL Power Points:
Jets keep climbing

Updated: January 21, 2003, 2:20 PM ET
By By Ryan Early
Is this Sunday's matchup between the Jets and Raiders the real Super Bowl? According to the Power Points it is, as the Jets vaulted up to the No. 2 spot with their 41-0 blowout of the Colts.

When the Power Points debuted after Week 4, the Jets were ranked 30th after being blown out in previous weeks by the Patriots, Dolphins and Jaguars. Their average margin of defeat was almost 30 points, and their lone win at that point came thanks to a pair of kick return touchdowns. Then Chad Pennington took over as the starting quarterback, and the team's overall rating has been climbing ever since. It has gone from a negative 12.8 to a positive 11.0, improving steadily each week with the only regression coming when they were upset by the Bears in Week 15.

Since the Jets' rating hasn't reached a plateau yet, it begs the question: Just how good is this team? According to the available data, they look to be the second-best team in the league behind the Raiders. But because their Power Point rating hasn't leveled off, it's possible the formula is still playing catch up, skewed down by the team's dreadful early performances when Vinny Testaverde was quarterback.