NBA Scouting Report:
No one compares to Kobe

We asked scouts to imagine a team comprised of only one player to pass, score, dribble, rebound and carry the bags. Who would they choose to clone?

Updated: January 17, 2003, 11:25 AM ET
By By Terry Brown
Please do not attempt to adjust your computer screen.

Kobe Bryant just forced his man into an awkward, leaning poor excuse of a shot that bounced off the heel of the rim and was rebounded by Kobe Bryant, who passed to a streaking Kobe Bryant, who faked left, went right, then no looked a pass to Kobe Bryant spotting up for a three in the corner who, instead, lobbed the ball up a few inches in front of the rim where Kobe Bryant snatched it out of the air and reverse slammed it, legs curled, jawbone flexed with that twinkle in his eye.