NBA Scouting Report: Malone's importance hasn't diminished

Other players are performing well for the Jazz, but they're still turning to a 40 year old when the game's on the line.

Updated: January 24, 2003, 12:19 PM ET
By By Terry Brown
Your dad called.

He said he and Karl Malone and can still kick the stuffing out of you and any other forward of your choice any day of the week on any court for any reason.

"This is great," said one NBA scout. "We've become so caught up in the future and the potential of players that Karl Malone and what he is doing is going virtually unnoticed. Which is probably exactly what he wants. Remember, he won two MVP trophies because voters only heard how good he was in Utah and figured he'd be twice that in New York or Chicago or LA. He won the unpopular vote."