War Room: Titans at Dolphins

Updated: November 4, 1999, 7:13 PM ET
The War Room
Tennessee offense vs. Miami defense

Heading into the toughest part of their schedule, against teams with top secondaries in the league, the Titans are going to have to get back to establishing a steady and reliable run game. One reason that Tennessee has had trouble running the ball with consistency is because their formations and looks have been tipping the defense to the play call. In the first part of the season, every time FB Lorenzo Neal would enter the game it would be a running play. Tennessee is beginning to expand the playbook and find more plays to run with Neal in the game. The fullback has been a nice addition to the team as a punishing blocker and he has proven capable of carrying the ball as well.

The biggest matchup problem for the Titans offensively is speed. Miami's defense is extraordinarily fast up front and is blessed with two of the most athletic and confident cornerbacks in the game, Terrell Buckley and Sam Madison. WRs Yancey Thigpen and Kevin Dyson are very capable deep threats that are going to have to make their presence felt. The key on Sunday is going to be the receivers' ability to challenge Miami deep. Even if the Titans do not get a lot of yardage out of the vertical passing game, just the threat and the fact that the corners are twenty to thirty yards downfield, opens up the Titans offense and will give them much more room to work underneath.