How QBs can improve

Updated: February 4, 2003, 4:01 PM ET
Editor's Note: As the NFL combine approaches, Mel Kiper Jr. identifies some questions faced by the draft's top 10 quarterback prospects (listed alphabetically) -- and what they can do to improve their stock. The combine is Feb. 18-24. The draft takes place Saturday, April 26 (rounds 1-3) and Sunday, April 27 (rounds 4-7).

Brad Banks -- Iowa
His size (6-1) isn't optimal, but a bigger issue might be a question about whether his success in 2002 was deceptive. A juco transfer, Banks was mainly a backup in 2001, so this was his first season as a full-time starter at the major-college level. He had great numbers: 2,400 yards, 25 TDs (four picks), 60 percent completions. But he had the best offensive line in college football, a strong go-to receiver, an excellent running game and one of the best tight ends in the nation (Dallas Clark). So he had all the parts in place to have an excellent season. Did his phenomenal supporting cast inflate his numbers?