Why is it called a drag race?

Where the No. 16 seed of ambition topples the No.1 seed of arrogance. (And you called it!)

Updated: April 1, 2003, 11:58 AM ET
By By Answer Guy
Answer Guy
Anthony Vestal, media relations director, National Hot Rod Association: Although the tire tracks of NHRA's history are clear, the origin of the term drag racing is not. Oo-kay. The theories are almost as many and varied as the machines that have populated the sport's ranks for five decades. Do you always talk this way? Actually, I'm reading from a press release. Let's cut to the chase. Nobody knows. Right. But I don't think drag racing is an appropriate term anyway. Why not? It's too negative, like it comes from a police report or something. What would you prefer? I don't know. How about Championship Quartermile Stadium Racing? Catchy.

Officer Dave Hiergesell, NYPD Highway Patrol: There's no ticket for drag racing, specifically, but we can get you for reckless driving or participating in a speed contest. Not me, pal. If you're really bad, it's aggressive driving, and we take your car. That's nice work, boys.