In the Crosshairs: Jake Plummer

The Broncos are banking The Snake can strike it big in Denver.

Updated: May 13, 2003, 5:34 PM ET
By By Seth Wickersham, ESPN The Magazine
Born: Dec. 19, 1974 (Boise, Idaho) Size: 6'2", 212 pounds Career Stats: 90 TDs, 114 INTs, 69.0 QB rating

You know the deal. Veteran quarterback flatlines. Gets new lease on life (and big bucks) with new coach, new O-coordinator, new team. Next thing you know, he's going to Honolulu. It happened to Rich Gannon ... Drew Bledsoe ... Brad Johnson. Once upon a time, it even happened to Steve Young. So Jake Plummer's next in line, right? Mike Shanahan's some kind of offensive genius. Plummer's got plenty of talent, plus a knack for heroic comebacks, something John Elway got them used to in Denver. And The Snake's got numbers on his side. Of last year's 10 top-rated quarterbacks, six were 28 or older and had played -- and failed -- for at least one other team. So Plummer's due. But can he get it done?