Filling the Voids

It's a rite of spring for college coaches -- replacing the irreplaceable stars.

Updated: April 18, 2003, 9:17 PM ET
By Ivan Maisel
As a lifer of the Saturday game, USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow occasionally has to navigate his NFL-oriented skipper, Pete Carroll, through the shifting shoals. "I tell Pete, in college football, you don't have Steve Young for 10 years," Chow said. "You have to change. That's the fun part of our game." Fun? Here are the holes left by departed MVPsand one MVC, or Most Valuable Coachfrom each of the BCS conferences, with an update of the "fun" their alma maters are having this spring.

Coach Dennis Franchione bailed Bama out with a 103 year, then bailed for A&M
His here-today, gone-to-College Station disappearing act softened up the faithful for just about any hire. Even Mike Price, who threw to set up the run at Washington State. (That ain't 'zactly how Bear did it.) But QB-icon-in-the-making Brodie Croyle will be safe behind a veteran line, and if the Tide stay healthy (NCAA probation means no depth) and receivers emerge, Price will like it down South. Until he loses to Auburn.

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