Who'll get an invite to Chicago?

Updated: April 18, 2003, 3:44 PM ET
By Chad Ford
The Portsmouth Invitational ended Saturday along with the NBA dreams of many college seniors. While the tournament had more talent than in years past, scouts and league executives identified only a handful of players who have a shot at getting drafted.

Only a few of the top players from Portsmouth actually will be invited to the NBA Pre-Draft Camp in Chicago. Most of the top seniors who skipped the PIT will play in Chicago. So will many of the bubble underclassmen and foreign players. That leaves anywhere from 10-12 Chicago slots for PIT players. In the next few weeks, each team will send the NBA a list of the 60 players it would like to see in Chicago. The NBA tabulates the results, and the players with the most votes get invitations.

After talking with numerous NBA scouts and league executives, here's a look at the PIT players with the best chance to get a coveted invitation to the Chicago Pre-Draft Camp, which opens June 4:

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer