KG on the Learning Curve

College offered a lesson plan. But KG wanted on-the-job training instead.

Updated: April 17, 2003, 6:06 PM ET
By Kevin Garnett with Eric Adelson, ESPN The Magazine
In college, you learn the mechanics. You learn certain parts, you learn what the parts do. That's what college is: a classroom. In the NBA, you're given the job. You're given hands-on training. Here's the bolt, here's the screw. You get your hands dirty. College teaches. But I wanted the job.

I was ready to go through hell if I had to. I knew responsibility. I had a younger sister I had to take care of. My mother was going through some life issues. I had jobs. I knew the game of life was much harder than the game of basketball. I had a teacher, Duke Fisher. A tough country mo'-fo'. He taught us to play the right way, to play with edge. He taught me not to be one-dimensional. You want to face the basket? Here's how. You want a hook shot? Here's how. You want to shoot threes? Here's how. If I went to college, I would have been a 5 all four years. In the NBA I started as a 3. In college, I would have just been put up against big guys, but in the NBA, I matched up against some smaller guys, and I learned some of their moves. Now look: Wherever you put me, that's what I can do.