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Updated: April 17, 2003, 6:11 PM ET
By Darrell Trimble
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: With rumors swirling about the Glazer family possibly selling the franchise, GM Rich McKay said that he couldn't fathom such a thing happening. "I don't believe for a minute they would sell the franchise,'' McKay told the Tampa Tribune. "I think they've given every indication that there's no intent on selling the football team -- that's first and foremost.'' The rumors began when Malcolm Glazer reportedly became a bidder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. By NFL rules, owners are prohibited from serving as principal owners of another franchise in major-league baseball, the NBA or the NHL, unless a) they can own a second pro team in their own NFL market, or b) in a city that is not considered a potential NFL market.

Miami Dolphins: When the team holds its first minicamp in early May, LB Derrick Rodgers and QB Ray Lucas are not expected to participate, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Lucas is recovering from surgery to remove bone chips from his right (throwing) elbow and isn't expected to receive medical clearance to begin practicing in time for the May 2-4 minicamp, but it's believed the Dolphins have told agent Felix Diaz that Lucas doesn't have a good shot at making the roster this year. The team is trying to trade Rodgers, and if they can't he'll almost certainly be released after June 1.

Jacksonville Jaguars: In an effort to get the most out of KR Jermaine Lewis, the Jags want to use him as sparingly as possible. Team officials said Lewis will seldom line up at wide receiver and he won't be overworked in practice during the week. All told, they don't want Lewis to touch the ball more than three or four times as a kick returner on Sundays. "We're going to be careful with him,'' Jaguars vice president of player personnel James Harris told the Florida Times-Union.