NBA Bizarro Awards:
Baker for LVP

Updated: April 21, 2003, 9:47 AM ET
By Chad Ford
On Wednesday I chimed in with my picks for the traditional season-ending awards in the NBA. Today, I'd like to recognize their polar opposites. That's right, it's time Insider's annual Bizzaro Awards. We'll start with the biggie, the Least Valuable Player Award.

Vin Baker, Celtics: Blame it on his weight, lack of confidence, heart condition or drinking problem. It doesn't matter. Baker's pathetic performance this season, after being hyped up as the possible answer to all that ailed the Celtics, gives new meaning to the word LVP. Even when he was healthy enough to play, he was being outplayed by career third-stringer Mark Blount.

Michael Olowokandi, Clippers:
After a summer of being touted as the second-best center in the NBA behind Shaquille O'Neal, Olowokandi gave us nothing this year. He was the centerpiece for the league's most disappointing team. Between the complaining, selfishness and injuries, the Kandi-man became the poster child for everything wrong for the Clips. He's young, has a load of talent and doesn't have a clue how to win a game.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer