Cubs scalping own tickets?

Updated: April 21, 2003, 9:57 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
Greg Couch of the Chicago Sun-Times (what, you thought this story would appear in the Tribune?) reports that the Cubs are up to some chicanery with regard to how they sell tickets. He writes that they have been using a ticket brokerage firm of their own creation to peddle tickets for as much as a 3,000 percent mark-up.

I've often wondered how teams (or rock stars, for that matter) feel about selling tickets for $50 only to watch scalpers get 10 times that amount selling them right outside their door. That certainly has to make them want a piece of that action and, according to Couch, the Cubs have been acting upon that desire. He has gathered testimonials from a number of Cubs fans (many of whom claim to now be former Cubs fans) who state they were scammed by the team.

Cubs fans are especially vulnerable to this type of mark-up for a variety of reasons:
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