Tejada will be there in the end

Updated: April 22, 2003, 1:57 PM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
Things are bound to get better for reigning Most Valuable Player Miguel Tejada. Right now, he is off to a slow start which is getting slower. As Rick Hurd of the Contra Costa Times mentions, he is in the middle of a 5 for 44 slide.

Is it possible that the A's announcement that he was not wanted beyond the end of the season is having an adverse affect on his playing? Tejada does not believe so. He thinks it is a function of on-the-field things and nothing more: "It's not the contract thing," Tejada told Hurd. "It's not the MVP thing, either. It's a lot of other things that are happening at the plate."

Hurd points out that Tejada has never been a strong starter and this is just another in a series of forgettable Aprils. Over the last three years, April has been his worst month in terms of batting average and second-worst in terms of OPS. These early downturns are much more difficult psychologically than the mid-season variety however, because the numbers are so much more glaring.
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