Higher seeds finding no love

Updated: April 22, 2003, 11:56 AM ET
By By Greg Anthony | Special to ESPN Insider
As we digest the excitement of the first few games of the NBA Playoffs, there has to be a lot of anxiety and concern on the part of higher seeds that lost their openers. All four (San Antonio, Indiana, Minnesota, and Orlando) know their Game 1s were not an aberration but a notice that they are in a dogfight, and the full seven games could be on the horizon, if not an early exit.

Here's a look at what I think are the keys to success and who will ultimately prevail.

San Antonio vs. Phoenix
Gregg Popovich is very concerned about his team in terms of matchups, and he should be. Phoenix possesses the perfect formula for dismantling the powerful Spurs. Tim Duncan is a superstar, and superstars, when given the opportunity, will score. But the Suns have been able to limit Duncan's field goal attempts (12 in game 1 and 8 in their final regular season game), and thus put pressure on the young guns -- Tony Parker, Stephen Jackson, and Manu Ginobili.