Writers Bloc: Losing shouldn't ruin the love


Updated: April 29, 2003, 11:59 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • Rob Parker of the Detroit News makes an excellent point regarding the Tigers' bad start and how the locals should respond to it: It's still baseball and you should not let a rough start ruin a lifelong love for a great game.

  • Then there are the Rockies who, unlike the Tigers, are off to a nice start. Dave Krieger of the Rocky Mountain News points out that while a good start is no guarantee of a good season, if nothing else, it's more fun to watch than a bad start.

  • Why was Fox News so popular during the recent Gulf War III (the Iran-Iraq War is often called Gulf War I with Desert Storm getting the GW II designation)? Because, writes Mike Tierney of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they were openly rooting for the United States to triumph. And what does that have to do with baseball? TBS decided to go with announcers who were less identifiable with the Atlanta Braves this season, in an effort to go with a more "national" approach. Tierney believes TBS has blown it because people feel the same way about their baseball broadcasts as they do about their war coverage.

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