Yanks, Rockies pounding on history's door

Updated: May 2, 2003, 11:11 AM ET
By Jim Baker | MLB Insider
If the 2003 New York Yankees can manage to keep scoring at the rate they have so far this season, they will finish the year with more runs than any team in the history of the game. Barring a game or two lost to weather, they are on pace to score 1,080 runs. With one-sixth of the season completed, their rate of 6.67 runs per game will land them at the very top of a scoring heap populated mostly by previous incarnations of themselves:

2003 Yankees: 1080 (projected)
1931 Yankees: 1067--2
1936 Yankees: 1065
1930 Yankees: 1062
1950 Red Sox: 1027
1999 Indians: 1009
1932 Yankees: 1002
1930 Cubs: 998
1996 Mariners: 993

Of course, most of these teams had the handicap of a 154-game schedule, so, even if the Yankees do approach 1,100 runs, they cannot quite claim the title of highest-scoring team on a per-game basis. Of this small group, only two, the '32 and '36 Yanks, went all the way. The Indians entry lost in the playoffs and the Cubs, Red Sox, Mariners and '30-'31 Yankee teams did not even finish in first place.
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