Leftwich a steal at No. 8, Pace biggest reach

Mel Kiper Jr. takes a look at the top 25 steals in the NFL draft, as well as the top 25 reaches.

Updated: May 2, 2003, 3:14 PM ET
By Mel Kiper Jr. | NFL Draft Insider
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Editor's Note: draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. ranks the biggest steals and biggest reaches of the 2003 NFL draft. Players are listed in the order they were selected, followed by their position, NFL team, the round they were selected and the overall number of the pick.

Top 25 steals
1. Byron Leftwich, QB, Jacksonville, 1st round (No. 7 overall)
2. Terrell Suggs, DE, Baltimore, 1st round (No. 10)
3. Marcus Trufant, CB, Seattle, 1st round (No. 11)
4. Jimmy Kennedy, DT, St. Louis, 1st round (No. 12)
5. Rex Grossman, QB, Chicago, 1st round (No. 22)
6. Eric Steinbach, OG, Cincinnati, 2nd round (No. 33)
7. Taylor Jacobs, WR, Washington, 2nd round, (No. 44)
8. Chris Kelsay, DE, Buffalo, 2nd round (No. 48)
9. Dewayne White, DE, Tampa Bay, 2nd round (No. 64)
10. Kelley Washington, WR, Cincinnati, 3rd round (No. 65)
11. Jason Witten, TE, Dallas, 3rd round (No. 69)
12. Vince Manuwai, OG, Jacksonville, 3rd round (No. 72)
13. Wayne Hunter, OT, Seattle, 3rd round (No. 73)
14. Kenny Peterson, DT, Green Bay, 3rd round (No. 79)
15. Chris Brown, RB, Tennessee, 3rd round (No. 93)
16. Bradie James, LB, Dallas, 4th round (No. 103)
17. George Wrighster, TE, Jacksonville, 4th round (No. 104)
18. Onterrio Smith, RB, Minnesota, 4th round (No. 105)
19. Lee Suggs, RB, Cleveland, 4th round (No. 115)
20. Tony Pashos, OT, Baltimore, 5th round (No. 173)
21. Brandon Drumm, FB, Detroit, 7th round (No. 236)
22. Tully Banta-Cain, DE, New England, 7th round (No. 239)
23. Charles Drake, S, New York Giants, 7th round (No. 240)
24. Casey Moore, FB, Carolina, 7th round (No. 247)
25. Travis Anglin, WR, Detroit, 7th round (No. 260)

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