Writers Bloc: Reality check


Updated: May 5, 2003, 8:56 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • Sliding: do we, as a species, not spend enough time thinking about it? Yes, we do not. Jack Curry discusses the topic at length in today's New York Times.

  • I think it speaks well of the Tribune company that they allows pieces like this one in their sports section, writing off another one of their holdings. Rick Morrissey writes that the Cubs hot start is just an illusion and that they will eventually return to form and approach the 75-87 record he predicted for him (I was a little more ambitious for them, pegging them at 79 wins). It would seem that he is under a lot of heat from Cubs fans for his pick in the wake of his hot start.

  • If you hate the Mets or hate yourself for loving them, you'll want to read Mike Vacarro's piece on them in today's New York Post. It's a fine bit of cynical writing, the likes of which we don't see enough of in these overly-forgiving times.
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