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Updated: May 5, 2003, 12:01 PM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Orlando Magic: Being lonely at the top for scoring champ Tracy McGrady has gotten even worse after being ousted in the playoffs in the first round. "I just think when you want it so badly it's either going to go great for you, or things are going to go bad," McGrady said in the Orlando Sentinel. "Today things went bad for me because I wanted it so bad. Just going and trying to do things on your own, just trying to carry this basketball team like I did the whole season, it just really wore me down. I was trying to do too much." His coach Doc Rivers agreed. "I've never been in his shoes. When one guy has to do so much, that's tough. Before the game, my biggest fear was that for six games, he's done so much, and the seventh game there's nothing. He didn't have his best game tonight, but you know he wanted to. And it just didn't work out."

Los Angeles Lakers: Tim Duncan may have won the MVP Award, but Phil Jackson has his sights set on other things. "The same thing happened last year, the first game we played down there, they gave Tim the honor and we went out and beat them," Jackson said in the LA Daily News. "We anticipated that we wanted to do the same thing this year, but they decided to give him the award (Sunday), instead of (before Game 1). So maybe the Spurs pleaded with them not to do it in a way that would irritate Shaquille, I don't know."

Memphis Grizzlies: Big Country, who? "Someone is going to write a book about Vancouver, the NBA and the failed experiment," said Doug Eberhardt, a Vancouver-based NBA analyst and youth basketball coach, in the Seattle Times. "Once the team left, people tried to put it out of their mind. Everything transferred over to the Canucks. People felt abandoned by the NBA. When things started to happen, the NBA was nowhere to be found. So there was a lot of hard feelings at the beginning." The Grizzlies, for their part, just completed their first season in Memphis by winning a franchise-record 28 games.