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Updated: May 13, 2003, 11:36 AM ET
By By Terry Brown | NBA Insider
Orlando Magic: This could very well be the beginning of the end for Grant Hill. "Unlike other years," Orlando general manager John Gabriel said in the Orlando Sentinel, "we'd very much would like Grant Hill and his representatives and our guys to determine what's the best direction, the best timetable ... be it Christmas, the end of the year or not at all. We're in uncharted waters. We don't want to go down this road again." Hill is still trying to recover from a fourth surgery on his injured left ankle that has allowed him to play in only 47 games the last three seasons. "I don't know if anybody in the league has ever had done what Grant has had done," Gabriel said. The Magic could apply for a disabled player exception if doctors rule that Hill will miss next season entirely.

Toronto Raptors: Former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy has passed up on the New Orleans head coaching job and looks to be passing up Toronto's as well. "That hasn't been going anywhere," a league source said of Toronto's pursuit in the NY Post. The Post has also learned that the Cleveland Cavaliers are also interested in Van Gundy's services.

Philadelphia 76ers: If Larry Brown can't get to Allen Iverson, then he knows someone who can. "I know Allen admires Michael," said the Sixers coach in the Philadelphia Inquirer. "The big thing, I think, with Allen is if he knows somebody wants to make him better and cares about him, he'll respond. I think that's all Michael's about." Brown said he would even vacate his title as vice president of player personnel should Jordan join the franchise. "I would think I'm not the only one sitting back here thinking how he could be an asset to the franchise," Brown said. "I was just looking back on how this city felt about him that last game here. I think we'd embrace him the same way if he was part of this, if that was what he decided to do. ... I think it would be great."