Peep Show

Updated: May 16, 2003, 1:51 PM ET
By Jim Baker
American League

Chicago White Sox: Bartolo Colon cost himself a complete game last night but won the respect of his teammates by plunking Jerry Hairston, Jr. in retaliation for Magglio Ordonez getting hit by the Orioles' Jorge Julio. Kent McDill of the Daily Herald suggests this will get the team in the mood for their showdown this weekend against a Twins team with whom there is much bad blood.

Cleveland Indians: What is more frustrating than not getting men on base? Getting them on and not driving them in, of course. What's even more frustrating than that? Loading the bases and not driving them in. The Indians loaded them up again last night and got nothing for their trouble. So far this year, only Detroit has been worse. The best in the league? Surprisingly, Tampa Bay. Also surprising is the Yankees' poor showing in this category.
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