Line prospects lead the way in Michigan

Updated: May 16, 2003, 10:39 AM ET
By Tom Lemming |
DETROIT -- Much like last year, it's an average year for prospects in Michigan. There are a number of good players, but not any superstars. Last year LaMarr Woodley was a star, but there is no one of that caliber in the Class of 2004. Of course, someone could always surface once the season starts.

The best QB that I saw in Michigan was Tyler Jones (6-3, 190) from Belleville. He's not a blue chip, but is a very good athlete. He has a good arm and has good speed. Lots of teams like him as a free safety. Jones wants to stay at quarterback, but could end up on defense.

I think Kellen Davis (6-6, 225) from Adrian could be the best athlete in Michigan. Up until this spring, he considered himself a better basketball player. The tight end has good hands, speed and leaping ability. Davis is not a great player yet, but he has tremendous potential.