NBA Draft 2002 Head to Head:
Pierce v. Butler

Updated: May 20, 2003, 11:37 AM ET
By by Terry Brown and Chad Ford
eatInsider gives you a revealing look at how the current top draft prospects stack up against the NBA player they resemble most.


Only five players in the entire NBA made more baskets this season. Only two made more three-pointers. Only one made more free throws. And no one, absolutely no one, scored more points than him. You see, Pierce isn't picky. If he's bigger than you, the jumper from spot or stutter step will do. If he's quicker, dribbles and dunks will suffice. If he's smarter, he'll eventually end up behind the three-point line with a grin on his face and swagger in his gait. Sure, he occasionally fires an ill-advised shot. The point is, his defender is always close enough for Pierce to look him in the eye but unable to do anything about it. Inside, outside, you know the drill. At his current pace, he'll triple the number of three-pointers he's made in only five years, increase his point production for the fifth consecutive season and somehow manage to shoot a very respectable 44 percent. Nothing overly fancy or spectacular. Just points, points and more points.


Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer