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Updated: May 22, 2003, 10:39 AM ET
By By Darrell Trimble
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The club re- signed CB Corey Ivy to a one-year contract Wednesday, reports the Tampa Tribune. Ivy, who played mostly on special teams last season, led the Bucs with 23 kick-coverage tackles and was named the special teams' most valuable player. However, now that the Bucs plan to move Dwight Smith to free safety, Ivy has a chance to nail down the nickel-back position.

Indianapolis Colts: Owner Jim Irsay vowed Wednesday to keep the club in Indianapolis through at least 2013. "We're going to be in Indianapolis for a long time," he told The Indianapolis Star from the NFL owners' meetings, which concluded Wednesday. "I'm going to live up to my part of the lease. It's through 2013. That's the kind of person I am. I'm not running out from under that lease." But Irsay did stress that the city of Indianapolis has to hold up its end of the bargain or he could decide to exercise an exit clause and get out of the lease following the 2006 season. "The lease goes two ways," Irsay said. "I'm going to fulfill my part of the lease. But what if a decision is made where people say we need to no longer worry about the Colts, we need to worry about (something else)? What if (the city) doesn't want to pay? What if they don't want to create a first-class facility for us to be in?"

Dallas Cowboys: Every lineman is wearing knee braces at minicamp. According to coach Bill Parcells, they will also be instructed to wear the protective devices in training camp and the regular season. "Mandatory," Parcells told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "We're trying to protect our investment. I've seen [knee braces] help countless number of players [prevent injury]. I've seen knee braces bent completely, like all the way over and the player will be fine." The linemen aren't the only players with mandatory equipment requirements. Parcells also requires his receivers to wear knee and thigh pads, and strongly suggests hip pads, too. He isn't buying the argument that they feel faster without them, saying: "They must be some slow receivers."