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Updated: May 22, 2003, 10:44 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
Milwaukee Bucks: The Bucks don't play the Hawks for at least a few months but that isn't stopping Milwaukee coach George Karl from rooting against Atlanta tonight. "I'm not an expert on the draft, but I'd say No. 8 has a lot better chance of being a starter or a guy to have an impact in very few years, than a No. 14," Karl said in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "I've always thought the top 10 is a cutoff point. After 10, it gets a little chancy." The Hawks have a 10.3 percent chance of gaining one of the Top 3 picks. But if they don't, they have to send their pick, which could be as high as No. 8, to the Bucks to satisfy a previous trade involving Glenn Robinson.

Chicago Bulls: At least one general manager isn't buying into all the LeBron James hype. "If [adding another young player] is what has to be done, you do it, but it's probably not the most ideal thing," Bulls GM John Paxson said in the Chicago Tribune. "Everybody would like to get lucky and move up." Paxson and the Bulls, hinting that they may trade the pick, know all about drafting high schoolers, having already selected two in a previous draft. "The reality is -- and this is the way I'm going into it -- we're probably going to pick seven or eight. We can probably get a real good player. Is it a player who can help us right away or one who's younger and needs time to develop? That's the issue because we have a young enough team right now."

Denver Nuggets: The much-heralded Darko Milicic from Serbia isn't asking for much. "That is all I want. A young team with a plan and that wants to win for the future," he said through an interpreter in the Denver Post. But it would be awfully nice if that young team also features the Serbian-speaking Predrag Savovic and Nikoloz Tskitishvili like the Nuggets do. "It would be huge," said Milicic. "It would be the same thing as if I brought somebody from home."

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer