School's Out

Prep All-Stars Chris Paul and Shannon Brown say goodbye to child's play.

Updated: May 27, 2003, 11:49 AM ET
By Chris Palmer
A group of 20 wide-eyed high school seniors horse around as they wait on line outside the Capitol. Michigan State signee Shannon Brown pulls out his ID from Proviso East High School in the Chicago suburbs. "Let me see that," says his friend and roomie for the outing, Chris Paul, a Wake Forest recruit out of Clemmons, N.C. "You won't get through security with that mug." LeBron James, wearing a Blazers cap, puts his arms around the two as he offers up his own ID. "Wait a minute," he says. "This isn't me."

After a quick tour of the Rotunda ("I think I'll get me one of those chandeliers," LeBron jokes, before reconsidering. "Nah, might block the TV."), the young stars are outside again waiting for their bus. Shannon two-ways a new pal, Bulls guard Jamal Crawford, as LeBron tries to click the shutter on a camera slung over a photographer's shoulder.

Chris Palmer

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