Writers Bloc: Braves stand test of time

  • Dave Sheinin looks at the phenomenon that is the
    Atlanta Braves in today's Washington Post. He focuses
    on their continued success in spite of (or because of)
    the constant turnover a baseball team must endure. The
    Braves were the topic for my own Baker's Dozen this week in which I included some of the key
    acquisitions and departures in every year of their
    13-year run to glory. Seeing the turnover laid out
    like that, you realize what a juggling act it is to
    keep a team succeeding on that level for that long.

  • Can a blown call made in the second inning cost a team
    the game? The Pittsburgh Pirates think so. They lost
    to the Cubs Wednesday 5-4 and point to a missed out
    call at first base in the second frame as the pivotal
    moment in the game, writes Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh

  • Hideki Matsui's slow start has made him the target of
    George Steinbrenner's wrath. However, writes Lawrence
    Rocca of the Newark Star-Ledger, whatever The Boss
    says is nothing compared to what he was once put
    through by a coach in his native Japan.