Lampe leaves lasting impression

Updated: June 3, 2003, 11:49 AM ET
By Chad Ford | NBA Insider
Editor's note: ESPN NBA Insider Chad Ford got exclusive access to the pre-draft workouts of Dwyane Wade, Maciej Lampe and Chris Kaman on Monday. Here's his report from Hoops Gym.

CHICAGO -- How do three potential lottery picks prepare for the NBA Draft? Think lots of shooting, protein shakes, shuttle drills, suicide runs, weightlifting, some one-on-one with a foam dummy and a lot of instruction from Michael Jordan's personal trainer, Tim Grover.

Theron Smith and Dwyane Wade
Theron Smith and Dwyane Wade jostle each other in a dribbling drill at Hoops Gym.
9 a.m.: Marquette's Dwyane Wade hits the court to begin the first workouts of the day. He's joined by Ball State's Theron Smith, North Dakota's Jerome Beasley and Marquette's Robert Jackson.

Chad Ford

ESPN Senior Writer