NBA Mock Draft II

Updated: June 18, 2003, 7:18 AM ET
By Chad Ford and Andy Katz |
CHICAGO -- Nothing is certain -- well, except LeBron James in the Cavs' new colors. So, with the Chicago pre-draft camp in the rear-view mirror and 2½ weeks still to go before the real thing, Insider's Chad Ford and's Andy Katz break down the first round as it could unfold June 26.

We'll have two more mock drafts before draft night. Today, Katz makes the odd-numbered picks, while Ford fills in the even-numbered picks.

Note: For players who participated in the Chicago pre-draft combine, heights (with shoes) and weights listed are official combine results. Non-combine participants are listed with their roster or media-guide measurements.

Chad Ford

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Andy Katz | email

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