Cross Over

They tried to hold Darko Milicic down in Europe. It didn't work there -- and it's not going to work here.

Updated: June 9, 2003, 2:30 PM ET
By Brett Forrest profile
Darko Milicic walks out of the locker room and into the light for a shootaround. "Walk" is a less precise description than his entrance deserves. Milicic is a museum piece. He's seven feet. His hair is a twisted shade of faded orange, resembling not at all the pedestrian brown seen in the few available photos. His biceps incorporate a sinuous sine curve of visibly rigid flesh. When he shakes your hand, he consumes a good measure of your body mass. Milicic will likely be the second player selected in the upcoming NBA draft. He is Serbian and still only 17 years old. But the vital statistic, of course, is where his head stops.

As he steps into the glare of the practice session, his cloud-white high-tops chew huge portions of hardwood. A teammate tosses him a ball. He pinches his toes, his long arms spin like helicopter blades above his head, and he heaves a three-pointer into the bucket from press row.

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