Writers Bloc: Beantown blunder

Updated: June 13, 2003, 11:08 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • Most of us never have an opportunity to make a million-plus dollars at one shot. Even fewer of us have two such opportunities. What if you had opted out of a couple of chances to do so and then never had another shot at it again. How would you feel? Pitcher Matt Harrington of the independent Fort Worth Cats knows first-hand what it's like to look wealth in the face and take a pass writes Rob Fernas of the Los Angeles Times. (After you read the story, picture how relieved the Colorado Rockies must be.)

  • When you perpetrated one of the worst trades in the 125-year history of the sport, you basically have two choices: admit you screwed up or defend your decision. Lou Gorman, the Red Sox general manager who sent Jeff Bagwell to Houston for the ancient Larry Andersen, takes the latter course in this piece by Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe, written on the morning of Bagwell's first-ever regular season visit to Fenway Park.

  • Did Mickey Mantle call his shot in the 1964 World Series? Current Yankee pitching coach and then-rookie pitcher Mel Stottlemyre says he did. On the occasion of the Cardinals first visit to Yankee Stadium since that Series, Lawrence Rocca looks back at what proved to be the end of a long Yankee dynasty.

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