Peep Show

Sacramento Kings: The U.S. Attorney's Office isn't saying Chris Webber is
innocent of lying to the government. They're saying that they can't
try him nor his father for obstruction of justice because their key
witness, Eddie L. Martin, died in February. The Detroit News is
reporting that the two will still face perjury charges in the case
involving $280,000 in loans said to be given to Webber while he was
playing for the University of Michigan by Martin. The trial date has
been moved to July 15.

Los Angeles Lakers: The good news for Kobe Bryant is that when he woke up this
morning, he learned that doctors had successfully repaired his right
shoulder and he will return in plenty of time for training camp."I was
very encouraged by what I found in the shoulder," Dr. Louis Bigliani
said in the LA Times. "It was very positive from the standpoint that I
think he's going to make a full recovery. All of the ligaments and
tendons in the shoulder were good." The bad news, is that he still
won't be playing in the NBA Finals which continue tonight in New
Jersey. The other news is that Shaquille O'Neal has reportedly hired a
personal trainer. "It's definitely a lifestyle decision for
Shaquille," agent Mike Parris said in the LA Times. "Shaquille went
home [from the playoffs] too early. His goal is to put himself and his
teammates into a position to climb that mountain one more time."
O'Neal was weighed at 355 pounds and 20 percent body fat last week.

Utah Jazz: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is fully aware that one day in the near
future he may possibly have to hand over his NBA scoring title to Karl
Malone. But he is equally aware that Malone will never get near his
six NBA titles. "It will be something for him to hang his hat on. Not
winning any world championships, that's tough," Abdul-Jabbar said in
the Salt Lake Tribune. "It must be really frustrating for him to have
such a fine career but have nothing that really sets him apart. So
[the scoring record] might be it."