Giants missing Kent; Gardenhire in command

Updated: June 13, 2003, 12:15 PM ET
Special to ESPN Insider
  • Having seen the Giants a little bit, I think they're not as good as their record. I think they really miss Jeff Kent protecting Barry Bonds. Jose Cruz is not swinging the bat well. I think he's adjusting to a league where they're throwing more fastballs. After all this time, there's still a difference in the leagues, and it takes awhile. He's always been a guy you can change speeds with, then go hard inside on him. He still gets himself into streak where he strikes out a lot.

  • I believe Minnesota's Ron Gardenhire is a very underrated manager. He's extremely aggressive and his players know he's going to go to battle with them every day. In some ways, he's even more aggressive than (predecessor Tom) Kelly. Gardenhire is not afraid to force the issue at times. They run and they give you a nine-inning effort every night.