Peep Show

Updated: June 16, 2003, 9:30 AM ET
By Jim Baker

American League
Detroit Tigers: Kudos to Tigers manager Alan Trammell for yanking slackabout Omar Infante after the young shortstop loafed on his way to first after lifting a fly to leftfield. If Major League Baseball will not crack down on the pervading half-ass tendency of too many ballplayers, then it is up to individual managers and clubs to do so. Granted, it's easier to pull off with a 22-year old kid like Infante than it is with a veteran prima dona like Juan Gonzalez, but it is still nice to see. Tom Gage of the Detroit News has the story.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Its getting lost in the shuffle this year because it's not being played in conjunction with the induction ceremonies. The Hall of the Game will be played today and features the Phillies and Devil Rays. (Interleague play has also detracted from the game's cachet as well.) Steven Krasner of the Providence Journal reports the teams were given an after-hours tour of the museum and Hall last night.
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