Sosa's back, but is Sosa back?

Updated: June 18, 2003, 10:02 AM ET
By Jim Baker
The Contrition Phase of Sammy Sosa's post-bat-corking incident life is now over, reports Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. He has now entered the Embittered Phase in which he is resentful to the people who do not believe his story about selecting the corked bat by accident.

He told Sullivan, "Some people out there, they believe what they want. I came out with the truth about what happened. I said what I needed to say. They checked the rest of my bats. What else can I do? & Like I said, this is over. I've put it behind me. This is finished."

What else can he do? Well, if Sosa wants to restore his image -- one that he has worked extremely hard to cultivate -- and he wishes all the people to believe his story, why not submit to a polygraph test? If his desire is to have people stop calling him Corky and columnists to cease questioning whether or not he belongs in the Hall of Fame, all he needs to do is sit down at one of those truth contraptions and answer three questions:
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