Writers Bloc: Closing the deal

Updated: June 23, 2003, 8:39 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe reviews 'The Rob Neyer Big Book of Baseball Lineups" and finds it very much to his liking. I would review the book myself but that would be something of a conflict of interest since Rob is my friend and I also might be one of the worst critics you'll ever meet. I react far too personally to media to write good criticism. When I see a movie I might come out raving about a single scene because it reminded me of something that happened to me once, completely ignoring the fact that the rest of the movie was nearly unwatchable. Instead, I'll point you to Ryan's review.

  • Has the Mets-Yankees series lost its intensity? According to interviews done with New York players of all (pin) stripes by Jack Curry of the New York Times, the answer is an overwhelming "yes."

  • Speaking of the Mets, is Armando Benitez really the "World's Worst Closer," as Kevin Kernan dubs him in today's New York Post? Maybe not, but he sure has a penchant for putting his worst foot forward in the big games. Last night's meltdown against the Yankees on a national ESPN broadcast was the latest in a career-long trend to cough it up in the limelight.
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