Gonzalez may yet land in Montreal

Updated: June 26, 2003, 10:11 AM ET
By Jim Baker
The Dallas Morning News is reporting that slugging Rangers outfielder Juan Gonzalez may yet accept a trade to the Montreal Expos after his agent stated it was out of the question just the day before. Gonzalez has the right to veto any move owing to a no-trade clause in his contract.

The deal became public before his approval was sought, but that does not appear to be bothering Gonzalez, writes Sean Horgan of the Dallas Morning News. As of this morning, Gonzalez is about 24 hours into the 72-hour window he has in which to accept the trade. Expos general manager Omar Minaya has met with Gonzalez and lobbied him on the notion of spending the rest of the season with the Expos. On the surface, it would seem like a match made in heaven for Gonzalez in that the Expos still have seven home games left in his native Puerto Rico. While one would assume that he would jump at the chance to return home as the home team player this time (he was there with the visiting Rangers earlier this month), Gonzalez insists it has more to do with his not wanting to leave Texas where his mother and sister are situated. He is also denying that his initial disapproval is a function of a ploy to extract a better deal out of the Expos.

Horgan makes two points which bear repeating:
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