Plenty of terrific tandems at linebacker

Mel Kiper lists some of the best linebackers, safeties and offensivel linemen in college football, and weighs in on the possibility of pro football in L.A.

Updated: June 30, 2003, 9:11 AM ET
By Mel Kiper Jr. |
Q: Linebacker has always been a spotlight position for me and I get more excited watching linebackers than anyone else, so I'm wondering who rates as the top LBs in the country and why? -- Kevin Jordan, Jackson, Miss.
DJ Williams
Robert Laberge/Getty ImagesD.J. Williams is part of a talented, swarming Miami defense.
If you want to watch great linebackers, keep an eye on a few teams that have terrific duos at that position.

Miami has two of the top players at that position in D.J. Williams and Jonathan Vilma, as does Auburn with Karlos Dansby and Donterrious Thomas. Oklahoma's duo of Lance Mitchell and Teddy Lehman also belong in that class along with the pairing of Darrell Smith and Keyaron Fox of Georgia Tech. Rounding out the group are Micheal Boulware and Kendall Pope at Florida State.

All of these guys can run and hit, and all have the potential to be forces everywhere on the field.

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