Writers Bloc: Selective memory

Updated: June 30, 2003, 10:22 AM ET
By Jim Baker
  • Cubs manager Dusty Baker is trying his hardest to ignore the history that has preceded his tenure at Wrigley Field. So, when his charges have a bad stretch like the one they just experienced (3-7), he doesn't want to hear about the collapse of 1969 or anything like that. Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune writes that a bad patch like this is nothing in the context of a long season.

  • In spite of spending the early portion of his career in the low-scoring Dead Ball Era and also being one of the handful of the best pitchers who ever lived, Walter Johnson managed only one no-hitter in his career. It came 83 years ago Tuesday against the Boston Red Sox and Dick Heller of the Washington Times recounts what happened that day at Fenway Park.

  • Yes, his story is inspiring, but Skip Bayless doesn't think there's a place on the All-Star team for Eric Byrnes of the Oakland A's. Read his rationale in today's San Jose Mercury News.
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