Why is Musial hardly mentioned?

Updated: July 1, 2003, 10:39 AM ET
By Jim Baker
In one of the grandest acts of humility the world has ever known, Joe DiMaggio would only agree to appear at public functions if he could be introduced as "the greatest living hitter" or some such thing. This was in spite of the fact that his old nemesis, Ted Williams, was still very much alive, calling into question the accuracy of his chosen introduction but not its hubris.

With the first anniversary of Williams' death on Saturday, just who is the greatest living hitter? Jack Etkin and the Rocky Mountain News wanted to know and conducted an (admittedly) unscientific poll among Hall of Famers. There were 35 responses and these were the results:

Stan Musial: 10 votes
Barry Bonds: 9
Hank Aaron: 7
Willie Mays: 4
Tony Gwynn: 3
George Brett: 1
Pete Rose: 1
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